By Srila Ramacandra Goswami's.

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By Srila Ramacandra Goswami's.

Commentary by Prabhupada Prem Gopal Goswami

By the mercy of my Gurudeva, Prabhupad 108 Sri Sri Prem Gopal Goswami, we heard from him the detailed explanation of the scripture Ananga Manjari Samputika which reveals another aspect of Balaram and Nityananda Prabhu's confidential service to Krsna. I am sharing the summarized version of only the 1st day's lecture. It is not the complete lecture unfortunately. Too long for FB posting.

Lord Balaram is the first expansion of Lord Krsna and is a non-different form of Krsna. Although he posseses all the qualities and potencies equal to Krsna but his role as the topmost servitor of the Lord is what makes him different from Krsna. The supreme Lord's supreme servitor is his very own first expansion, Sri Balaram and everything in the creation to pastimes is made possible only by Sri Balaram Prabhu. He is the backbone of all Krsna's activities.

Ananga Manjari Samputika is a very important scripture for those who are practicing sadhan bhajan of Radha Krsna's confidential pastimes. I am not speaking this katha but I am only relating what is mentioned in this scripture. We have to know who is Ananga Manjari, and why she is so important for our bhajan. Without her blessings we cannot enter into the confidential pastimes of Radha and Krsna. Her blessings here actually mean the mercy of Dayal Nitai, without this there is no chance for us. This scripture is written by Ramachandra Goswami the intimate disciple and adopted son of Jahnava mata. He was the only one who was qualified to write this scripture as he was fully empowered by Jahnava Mata's mercy to reveal the confidential truths of Ananga Manjari.

namah śri nityānandāya Jāhnavi pataye namah
namah krsna-svarūpāya namāmy ananga-manjarim
vasudha kāhnavi kāntam śri nityānandam iśvaram
ananga-manjari-rūpam avadhutam namāmy aham

In the above sloka, Ramacandra Goswami started the description of Ananga Manjari beginning with Nityananda Prabhu because Sri Nityananda is Mula Sankarshan. As every pastime of Bhagavan is arranged by Sankarshan tattva, Svayam Bhagavan cannot perform any of his purple without him. The Holy Dham, the place where the pastimes are enacted, the attires and ornaments he wears and even his thoughts and activities that he performs are all arranged by Mula Sankarshan.

In Vraja lila he appeared as Baladev Chandra, the elder brother of Krsna. As the elder brother it was not possible for him to enter into the pastimes of the younger brother where he is playing with his beloved girlfriends. Since even in this pastimes Krsna cannot function without the support of Mula Sankarshan, he appeared in the form of the younger sister of Radharani as Ananga Manjari so that he could participate freely in the secret conjugal pastimes of Radha and Krsna.

This Balaram tattva is a very complicated tattva because although there is the male and female aspect present within the same form, it cannot be realized in this one form, but both the combined form of these two in one aspect is present in the form of Nityananda Prabhu. This is his specialty as Dayal Nitai that he can make the presence of both the male and female aspects, Balaram and Ananga Manjari be felt in one form. Ramachandra Goswami is emphasizing on this point that only Dayal Nitai can give this mercy.

In the last verse of this sloka it says “Ananga manjari rupam avadhutam,” Nitai is an Avadhut sannyasi, they can do whatever he wants. He is not only Avadhut but is also Adbhuta, very astonishing form, sometimes you can see him decorated with so many ornaments and at other times he is without anything. He is a combination of Adbhuta and Avadhuta. We have to take the shelter of his lotus feet as entrance into the confidential raganuga bhajan is only possible by the blessings of Ananga Manjari.

Then Ramai Takur started his description of Ananga Manjari Samputika from this verse:

ishta deva nityananda kevala ananda kanda
radhara anuja yei, balarama sakti sei
guru rupe hon adhikari

My beloved Lord Nityananda is the source of all pure transcendental bliss and has now appeared as Ananga Manjari. This younger sister of Radha is the transcendental energy of Balarama and is appearing as the qualified guru. ”

Our istadev is Nitaichand and only through him we can get this pure kevala bhakti. We cannot perform internal bhajan without attaining kevala bhakti. Kevala bhakti is bhakti without any self-interest. If someone were to ask you, do you love Krsna? The answer will be, “Yes I love Krsna! Why? I don't know why! There is no reason for this love and why you love Krsna, there is no answer, because there is no specific reason for this pure love. In love there is no process. Love is connecting one heart to another heart. How it happens no Krsna knows! This is kevala bhakti. This bhakti is a higher form or supreme form of uttama bhakti. In Rupa Goswami's sloka “anyabhilashita sunyam, anukuylena bhakti uttama”, Bhakti is defined as untainted by gyana, yoga and karma, “Anukulyena bhakti uttama… sadhaka has to offer bhakti which is favorite to Krsna, according to his desire. This is uttama bhakti. But, kevala bhakti is even higher than uttama bhakti. In uttama bhakti there is one requirement, anukulyena krsnanu silanam, we have to offer our love according to Krsna's desire. There are two kinds of love, tadiyata purna bhakti is “Krsna I am yours” or madhiyata purna bhakti, “Krsna you are mine” when our heart is connected with Krsna’s heart, then we will offer madhiyata purna bhakti which means we have to decide how to serve him, that time Krsna will show no desire from his side. If someone has love for Krsna in parental fashion, they will serve him with unconditional vatsalya bhav. They have to excercise control over him. So, the sadhaka also needs to control Krsna with the mode of madhyata purna bhakti.

In higher consciousness of devotion, we will have to make all arrangements and decision for his well-being. So, this kevala bhakti is higher than uttama bhakti. That's why we need this blessing from Nityananda. Only from him we can get this pure kevala bhakti, other than him from one else can give this. So, Ramachandra Goswami glorified Nitai, ”O Ananda kanda, you are the main root of this Ananda tree, so we need your blessings so that you will always remain in our minds and hearts, as the bhajana tree.

radhara anuja yei, balarama sakti sei guru rupe hon adhikari

There is a very confidential truth revealed here that he came as Ananga Manjari the younger sister of Radharani and at the same time he is the potency of Balaram Chandra. Then the next important truth, “guru rupe hon adhikari”, does this mean that Nitaichand is guru? First, he said He is the ishta, then he said he is Ananga Manjari then now he says “guru rupe hon adhikari”. How can the ishta be also the Guru? This is the astonishing truth about Nitaichand, he is all in one. He is not only the ishtadev who bestows his blessings to receive this topmost kevala bhakti but he is also the Jagat Guru who is showing us the path and initiating us into this raga marga bhajan.

That's why Ramachandra Prabhu revealed this fact to us that although we have a guru but Nityananda is a Jagat guru. Your bhajan will only be fruitful if you meditate on Nityananda Prabhu as a guru also not only as ishta. That is our bhajan path, when you will see Nitai in your Guru. In front of us we have to meditate on our Guru as Nitai, at the same time meditate on Nitai as Guru but don't make this mistake of worshiping Guru as Nitai. We have to give the same respect but we should not worship the Guru as ishta by offering tulasi to the feet of the Guru. That will be an offense. But when we respect Sri Guru as a manifestation of the power of Nitai, then we will receive the blessings of Nitai.

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Transcribe by malti priya didi.