Bijoy Krishna Goswami

Bijoy Krishna Goswami was a prominent Hindu social reformer and religious figure in India during the British period. Brahmo Samaj was started at Calcutta on 20 August 1828 by Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Debendranath Tagore as a reformation of the prevailing Brahmanism of the time. Wikipedia
Born: 2 August 1841, Nadia
Died: 1899, Puri
Guru: Brahmananda Paramahamsa (mantra guru)
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A Dazzle Behind Through Holes
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Disciples of Shri Shri BijoyKrishna
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Krishna's Opulences Bhagavad-Gita
By Illustration : Prema Santim Dasa Concept  and Layout : Syama Rasika Dasa  Consultant : Vidvan Gauranga Dasa
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Life of Swami Asimananda Saraswati and Our Memoirs
Author: Swami Amalananda Saraswati Cover:HARDCOVER Edition:2006 Publisher:Shree Shree Bijoykrishna Bhakta Sangha Language:English Pages:210 (25 Color and B/w Illustrations) Swami Asimananda...
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Sadhana Path
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Shree Shree Sadguru Sanga (Set of 2 Volumes)
by Debkumar Bhattacharya (Author) The Hindi speaking religious people are immensely fortunate, that the Hindi translation of the priceless book named Shree...
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Shri Shri Bijoykrishna His divine Life and Sermons
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By Narottama Das Thakur
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