Light On Pranayama

Light On Pranayama



Vender Rasbihari Lal & sons


One of the world's most beloved yogis, B.K.S Iyengar, writes a follow-up to his seminal doctrine LIGHT ON YOGA.

Many consider LIGHT ON PRANAYAMA a required supplement to the earlier work as it explores and illuminates the breath, essential to the overall practice of yoga. Iyengar briefly addresses the essentials of yoga as a starting point, but he quickly turns his attention to an informed dialogue about pranayama, theories about how the breath functions, and its documented effects on the respiratory system.

In preparation, he suggests ways to maximize the effectiveness of pranayama through dietary considerations, proper sitting positions, and other aids. Iyengar then offers meticulous and spiritually inspired instructions on how to perform a range of different breathing techniques. These methods, which have roots in ancient traditions, progress from simple to more advanced exercises. Iyengar concludes with talks on meditation and relaxation.

In this classic, a yoga master describes the techniques of breathing together with a comprehensive background of yoga philosophy in this authoritative, practical and indispensable guide.

The Light on Pranayama is a worthy companion and sequel to the Light on Yoga. The book is practical and thorough guide for all those wish to learn the art of pranayama. The book discusses the respiratory system from the point of view of modern anatomy and ancient yoga texts. The 14 basic types of pranayama are analyzed in such a way as to offer the reader a programme of 82 carefully graded stages from the simplest breathing patterns to the most advanced. The stages have been tabulated for easy reference. It also describes the difficulties and dangers that one may encounter during pranayama practice.

The foreword is written by the violinist Yehudi Menuhin, who was often credited with introducing Iyengar to Europe and nudging him toward international recognition.