Cow Keeping in India

Cow Keeping in India



Vender Rasbihari Lal & sons


Contents: Foreword. Preface. I: 1. The advantages of keeping cows. 2. Breeds of cattle. 3. Buying cows. 4. Points in a good cow. 5. Food. 6. House and utensils. 7. Attendants. 8. Washing, grooming and exercise. 9. Breeding. 10. Bulls. 11. Bullocks. 12. Dry cows. 13. Management of cows when calving. 14. Calves: their value, management and house. 15. Points in a good calf. 16. Castrating calves. 17. Taking the bull. 18. Barren cows. 19. Age of cattle and names at different ages. 20. Price of cattle. 21. Milk. 22. Cream. 23. Butter. 24. Ghee. 25. Curd, cheese, and tyer. 26. Lice, ticks, flies etc. 27. The seasons of the year. 28. Cattle-dung. 29. Grazing fields. 30. Dairy-farming. 31. Breeding and rearing farms, dry-cow farming and cattle-shows. 32. What experts say. II: 1. Diseases of cattle, goats and sheep. 2. Some common complaints. 3. Dangerous but not contagious diseases. 4. Contagious and fatal diseases. Recipes. Recipes of indigenous and other drugs for diseases etc. Weights and measures. Indian names of some cattle diseases. Indigenous drugs with their vernacular names and purposes. Index.

"A simple and practical book on cattle and their care and treatment in India. The book is divided into 36 chapters.

It covers a large field of discovery, both in the theory and practice of cattle breeding and cow keeping in India.

The text has been aptly illustrated through photographs and a comprehensive index have been provided to enhance the utility of the book." (jacket)