Heart of Hinduism

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by Stephen Knapp, 625 pgs

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The Heart of Hinduism: The Eastern Path to Freedom, Empowerment and Illumination.

This is a definitive and easy to understand guide to the essential as well as devotional heart of the Vedic/Hindu philosophy. It desribes the depths of wisdom and insights that are contained within this profound spiritual knowledge. This presentation contains numerous references from a variety of the ancient Vedic texts to provide a direct view of the spiritual knowledge that they hold. Thus, it is especially good for anyone who lacks the time to research the many topics that are contained within the numerous Vedic manuscripts and to see the advantages of knowing them. This also provides you with a complete process for progressing on the spiritual path, making way for individual empowerment, freedom, and spiritual illumination.

* A complete review of all the Vedic texts and the wide range of topics they contain. This also presents the traditional origins of the Vedic philosophy and how it was developed, and their philosophical conclusion.
* The uniqueness and freedom of the Vedic system.
* A description of the main yoga processes and their effectiveness.
* A review of the Vedic Gods, such as Krishna, Shiva, Durga, Ganesh, and others; the identity and purpose of each.

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