Sri Paramatma Sandarbha Vol.1

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By Srila Jiva Gosvami,Translated by Kushakrata Dasa,Hardbound, 386 pages, ribbon marker, dust jacket.

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The Sat-sandharbhas consist of six works (Tattva-sandarbha, Bhagavata-sandarbha, Paramatma sandarbha, Krsna-sandarbha, Bhakti-sandharbha, Priti-sandarbha). In this first volume of Paramatma-sandarbha, Srila Jiva Gosvami first discusses the two kinds of ksetrajna, or knowers- the individual spirit souls, who are infinitesimal, and the Supersoul, who is unlimited. In the course of this discussion, it is described how the individual spirit souls are pure by nature but when in contact with the material nature, they become conditioned and bewildered. Thus, the two states of the living entities are described-the liberated state and the conditioned state. Transliterated text, word-to-word meaning and translation, translation / editing by Kusakratha / Purnaprajna

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